Project Summary

Wastewater Management

Client:  Municipality of Sidirokastro, Prefecture of Serres
Year:    1997

The purpose of the project was the preparation of the environmental impact assessment for the operation of the existing complex (hotel, spa, restaurant), the under construction part (new hotel, new spa) and the associated projects (wastewater treatment plant for the entire complex) in the vicinity of hot springs in Sidirokastro Municipality.                                                                                         Hotel Complex View

 SOLUTION  Αποχέτευση                                                                                                                        
The complex is located in a private estate which occupies an area of 18.6 hectares, north of Sidirokastro adjacent to the national highway of Serres – Promachona, at the junction towards Kilkis.
The Baths of Sidirokastro operate since 1920, while at the beginning of 1994 the spa was modernized and now poses a clinic, reception area-waiting room, male and female changing rooms, swimming pool, private baths. The two old buildings – hostels were renovated and now function as C and E class hotels. In order to meet the growing demands for beds and bathtubs capacity, the construction of the new hotel and spa was initiated, which were upon the stage of completion when the design phase began. Moreover, a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) was designed to address the issue of wastewater management for the entire facility.
The existing facilities are:

The medicinal water originates from natural springs and wells, drilled by IGME for that purpose, and baths are proposed as a remedy for rheumatic diseases, rheumatisms, slipped disks, muscle aches, sciatica, lumbago, etc.
The units under construction are the following:

The complex is surrounded by artificial pine grove.
As far as the WWTP is concerned, it adopted the treatment process of activated sludge with extended aeration. Upon completion of these projects the complex will be able to operate throughout the year.
In the accounted study the exact locations of the construction works were identified while the current situation was analyzed, investigating the state of the natural and human environment. At the same time significant information was offered with respect to the feasibility of the works along with their analytical description. Finally, the extent and size of the caused environmental annoyance from the construction and operation of the works was described, while appropriate methods to treat environmental impacts during construction and operation phase were provided.

The project was submitted to the public agency responsible for issuing the required Environmental Permit. The project contributed to the development of Hot Springs of Sidirokastro.