Project Summary

Wastewater Management

Client: Municipality of Arkalochori
Year:  2001
Budget: 25.050.000€ (prices 2002)


The purpose of the project was the Β.  Μαλιώκας & Συνεργάτες - Μελετητικές & Συμβουλευτικές Υπηρεσίες  για το Περιβάλλον &  την Ενέργεια.update of the sewer pipelines final design, the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and the internal water supply networks of City of Arkalochori.

The community of Arkalochori had a water supply network, which due to its age and construction material (steel and asbestos pipelines) could not ensure the adequacy and the good quality of drinking water. Furthermore, the community was served by septic tanks. The produced wastewater was discharged untreated in the broader region resulting in the degradation of the natural environment and the quality of life for local residents.
The table below shows the total peak population of the community, for each design phase. 
Peak Population of Served Communities
Community Population 2001Projected Population in 20 years
Projected Population in 40 years
Arkalochori 3.100 4.606 6.845
TOTAL 3.100 4.606 6.845

The design of the project was pursuant to the Greek Presidential Decree 696/74. The design of the pipelines and the pumping stations was based on a 40-year horizon, while the selection of the electrical and mechanical equipment was based on a 20-year horizon. Specifically, the project included:

  1. septage treatment unit
  2. influent manhole
  3. bypass pipeline
  4. bar screens
  5. influent pumping station
  6. sand, grit and grit removal
  7. flow measurement
  8. aeration splitter box
  9. selector tanks
  10. aeration and denitrification tanks
  11. sedimentation splitter box
  12. secondary sedimentation tanks.
  13. sludge recirculation and waste pumping station
  14. mixed liquid recirculating pumping station
  15. filtration
  16. chlorinationη
  17. treated wastewater storage tank
  18. treated wastewater disposal pumping station
  19. final disposal pipeline
  20. gravity thickener and sludge dewatering
  21. administration building and other auxiliary buildings (influent works building, energy building, sludge treatment building and chlorination building)
The design of the project solved the problems of water supply and wastewater management for the community of Arkalochori.