Project Summary

Drinking Water-Irrigation

Client:  Ministry of Agriculture
Year:    1995

The purpose of the study was to draft an environmental impact study for the Environmental Terms approval stage, regarding the construction and operation of the irrigation project Mexiaton - Kobotadon in Fthiotida Prefecture aiming to exploit 1.630 hectares of land located in the wider area of Kobotadon, Mexiaton communities within Ipatis Municipality.

SOLUTION                                                                                                              Wider area view

ΎδρευσηThe examined area is located 12km west of Lamia and extends south of the river to the foot of Iti.
The area to be irrigated is divided into two zones:

The extended crops in the region have resulted in the drilling of numerous irrigation wells leading to overexploitation of ground water aquifers and their gradual deterioration.

The planned projects works involve the following:

It is noted that property consolidation is also included with respect to the low zone, with the exception of the area between Sperchios River and the road segment Mexiaton - Kobotadon where olive groves are found. No property consolidation area is foreseen for the high zone since the entire area covered by olive groves.

In the accounted study the exact locations of the construction works were identified while the current situation was analyzed, investigating of the state of the natural and human environment. At the same time significant information was offered with respect to the feasibility of the works along with their analytical description.
Finally, the extent and size of the caused environmental annoyance from the construction and operation of the works was described, while appropriate methods to treat environmental impacts during construction and operation phase were provided.

The study was submitted to the department responsible for environmental licensing of the proposed works contributing to the resolution of cultivated land irrigation problems within the wider region of Kabotadon and Mexiaton communities in Ipati Municipality.