Project Summary

Drinking Water-Irrigation

Client: District of East Macedonia – Thrace, Division of Hydraulic works,  6th Public Works Prefectural Department 
Year:  1996

The purpose of the study was to draft an environmental impact study for the Environmental Terms approval stage, regarding the construction of N. Sidirohoriou reservoir (creation of earth dam, construction of pumping station and installation of rising main).
SOLLUTION                                                                                               N. Sidirohoriou Reservoir view
ΎδρευσηThe project aims to provide adequate storage regulation and provision of greatest possible irrigational water quantities downstream the reservoir areas (300 hectares), as the phenomenon of water salinity is evident.  Further to the above, areas downstream of N. Sidirohori - N. Adriani road are prone to frequent flooding (during heavy rainfalls occurrence of large surface runoff quantities) causing severe damage to existing cultivations.
The irrigational needs of the cultivators in the region were covered by bored water wells. However, problems related to water adequacy, available water quantities and the depletion of aquifers demonstrated the need to search for alternatives.
The earth dam will be located at a distance of 700m east of N. Sidirohori community in the basin laying between the N. Sidirohori and N. Adriani communities. The pumping station and rising main will be installed to enrich the reservoir during drought periods of River Lisso. The same pumping station will also enrich the existing N. Adriani reservoir.

The technical characteristics of the dam are summarized in the following Table:

No Description Characteristics
1Absolute crest height +12m
2Crest length 600m
3Maximum height 7m
4Capacity when filled to+11m 950.000m3
5Area of inundated region 34 hectares

The position of water abstraction works is located south of Mavromati community and consists of an intake pipe, feeding the suction chamber of the pumping station. Towards that purpose, two conductors, 300m, in length are used, controlled via gates with a level knob.
The pumping station is built south of Mavromati community and outside the river’s embankment, while the rising main is directed from Mavromati to N. Adriani and north thereof.

In the accounted study the exact locations of the construction works were identified while the current situation was analyzed, investigating the state of the natural and human environment. At the same time significant information was offered with respect to the feasibility of the works along with their analytical description.
Finally, the extent and size of the caused environmental annoyance from the construction and operation of the works was described, while appropriate methods to treat environmental impacts during construction and operation phase were provided.

The study was submitted to the department responsible for environmental licensing of the proposed works contributing to the resolution of cultivated land irrigation problems within the dam’s region of influence.