Project Summary

Drinking Water-Irrigation

Client: Prefecture of Fokida
Year: 2007


The purpose of the study was the approval of the Environmental Terms for the installation of an irrigation network in Elaionas, Amfissa, its division to zones, the construction of manholes and the expropriation of land. 

SOLUTION  ΥΔΡΕΥΣΗ                                                                                  View of Amfissa
The irrigation of numerous crops in the region, using water from wells, has led to the overexploitation of the groundwater aquifers and the gradual deterioration of the groundwater quality.

The irrigation network is supplied by the water pipe of river Mornos with two water intake works; one located upstream to Amfissa and the other located upstream of village Chrissos.

The total irrigation network is divided into two independent irrigation networks, the north network of Amfissa which supplied from water intake at Amfissa and the southern network which supplied from the water intake of Chrissos.

The region of the projects which is located between Amfissa, Delphi and Itea occupies a total gross area of 34.800 hectares (region of Chrissos 17.500 hectares and region of Amfissa 17.300 hectares) but it does not include the community areas. The total net area is estimated to 30.960 hectares (region of Chrissos 15.380 hectares and region of Amfissa 15.580 hectares surface units).

Briefly the above works included:

• Irrigation networks supplied by the water intake works of Amfissa and Chrissos:
• Water intake of Mornos waterpipe
- Division of the irrigation network to zones
- Construction of wells for the water network of Amfissa
• Chambers for the placement of water equalisation devices
• Chambers for the installation of irrigation network devices
• Cathodic protection of the steel pipelines
• Opening of roadways
• Sewerage and drainage works

In the current study, the exact locations for the construction of the works were identified and the existing condition of the natural and human environment was examined. Additionally, the feasibility of the works was demonstrated and a technical description of the works was performed.

Finally, the environmental impact from the construction and operation of the works was described and the mitigating actions during construction and operation phases were provided.


This project was submitted to the environmental public authority for the approval of the environmental terms. It will contribute to the resolution of the overexploitation of underground aquifers of the region Elaionas of Amfissa.