Project Summary

Drinking Water-Irrigation
Client: Municipality of Nea Zichni
Time: 1999
Budget: 206.000€ (prices 2000)

The purpose of the project was  to identify potential locations for the construction of small dams in the area of Municipality of Nea Zichni in order to meet the irrigation needs of the broader region.

The irrigation water needs were satisfied by water wells. However, many problems related to water efficiency and quality and the aquifer depletion demonstrate the need to find alternative water resources.

The construction of the small dams addressed these problems with an integrated water resources management approach by utilizing the winter surface waters runoff of Chalasmenos Lakos and Louloudorema torrents. 

The project included the identification of the area and the study of the watersheds of the torrents crossing the broader region of the Municipality. After examining the morphological, geological and hydrological characteristics of the area, the design team proposed a solution based on the economic feasibility of the project, in order to gather as much water as possible. Particular concern was given to the project in order to have the lowest possible intervention within the environment and to not disturb the ecological chain.

The presumable projects proposed for the Community of Anastasia and especially northwest of the community, south of the location where the torrents Chalasmenos Lakos and Louloudorema merge.
The water intake was proposed to be constructed at the confluence of the two torrents. At the location where the water is collected, a water intake was proposed using an overfall of reinforced concrete. The flow over the crest through a screen entered a channel embedded in the dam. This provision ensures the restraint of big size sediment material and its removal downstream with appropriate slope of the screen, while the water enters the channel and flows into the reservoir. The channel is made of reinforced concrete, has a capacity of 0.5m³/s and a length of 100m.
The reservoir, with a capacity of 40.000m3, has an embankment length of 100m and a height of 8m. The bank slope is 1:2.5 (vertical-horizontal) for the downstream of the basin and 1:3 (vertical-horizontal) for the upstream of the basin. In the reservoir’s embankment, a construction of a spillway was proposed. The proposed projects included the construction of a perimetric collection trench upstream of the basin, for stormwater collection.
The water from the reservoir flows into the entrance of Agios Athanasios irrigation tank, located in the city limits of Community of Anastasia, through a pipeline with a length of 1.100m. Furthermore, there is the possibility of connecting the pipeline after the tank with the existing network which supplies two additional irrigation tanks.

The design of the project was implemented in light of integrated water resources management and contributes in solving the irrigation problem of Municipality of Nea Zichni.