Project Summary

Solid Waste Management

Client: Municipal Water and Wastewater Utility of Serres
Year: 1994


The purpose of the study was the design of the biogas management works (biogas recovery and treatment unit) in order to upgrade the refuse dump of Municipality of Serres.

                                                                           View of the upgraded refuse dumpΔ.Σ.Α
Initially, the study described the biogas production process in the refuse dump.

Next, the biogas recovery methods were described while the most appropriate biogas recovery method is selected for the refuse dump of municipality of Serres.

The selected method included a network of vertical shafts throughout the entire depth of the deposits. The arrangement of the network of vertical shafts is as follows:

• Vertical shafts are constructed throughout the entire refuse dump area; each shaft collects biogas from a specific landfill area within a radius of 15m.
• Each shaft consists of a PVC perforated pipe of diameter 120mm which is surrounded by gravel.
• A metallic pipe with a 90mm diameter is installed within the shaft. The depth of the shaft varies according to the deposit depth. The shaft is sealed with a cap for insulation. This cap can be removed in order to check the operation of the valves which control the biogas flow. A total number of 85 biogas is installed.
• Each shaft is connected to a biogas conveyance pipe with a diameter of 60mm. The wells are grouped and each group is connected to collection pipes, 6 in total, in order to control the biogas transmission. The collection pipes end up to the flare unit through a Φ120mm main pipe.

Then, the biogas treatment processes are presented and based on the estimated quantity of produced biogas, the most appropriate biogas process is selected (flare unit within the dump boundaries) in order to obtain the maximum biogas recovery and eliminate biogas emission in the environment.


The design of the biogas management works solved the problem of biogas emissions from the refuse dump of Municipality of Serres.