Project Summary

Environmental Protection

Client: Planning and Environmental Protection Agency
Year: 1998

The purpose of the study was the environmental impact assessment study for the approval of the environmental terms for the construction of the required hydraulic works for the Dendropotamos River arrangement from the bridge Konstantinoupoleos to the internal regional roadway.

                                                                                         View of the study areaΠ.ΠΕΡΙΒ/ΝΤΟΣ
The most important issue of the river bed of Dendropotamos and its tributaries is flooding, according to the existing condition of its drainage basin.

The purpose of the intervention works is flood protection and aesthetic environmental upgrade of Dendropotamos zone within Polixni region from Konstantinoupoleos street to the internal regional roadway (LTOTAL=551m).  The existing river cross section will be preserved, which with appropriate arrangement (installation of gabions and vegetation on slopes), can upgrade and secure environmentally and hydraulically the river. The critical flow discharge is Q=130m3/s for a rainfall with recurrence interval of T=100 years.

The open rectangular cross section of the river bed has a width of 6m, slope gradient 1, 5 (3:2) and maximum flow depth ymax=2,41m.

The longitudinal slope gradient is S=0.019 or 19% and according to aforementioned dimensions, the fluid cross section area is 23,06m2.

Along the river bed a sewerage network is installed with 600mm diameter pipes and manholes every 50m. Finally, safety zones from reinforced concrete are constructed every 50m, across the river bed width.

In the current study, the exact location for the construction of the works was identified and the existing condition of the natural and human environment was examined. Additionally, the feasibility of the works was demonstrated and a technical description of the works was performed.

Finally, the environmental impact from the construction and operation of the works was described and the mitigating actions during the construction and operation phases were provided.

The study was submitted to the environmental public authority for environmental licensing of the works and contributed to the environmental upgrade of Dendropotamos River.