Project Summary

Environmental Protection

Client: Technical Services Department, Prefecture of Rodopi
Year: 1996

The purpose of the study was the environmental impact assessment for the approval of the environmental terms for the construction of mild architectural intervention works (bicycle roadway, pathway parallel to the downstream zone of the lake Arogi, between the communities of Arogi and Mesi and observatories) on the coastline of Arogi-Mesi of Rodopi Prefecture.

SOLUTION                                                                         View of Arogi communityΠ.ΠΕΡΙΒ/ΝΤΟΣ
The construction of the proposed interventions included materials which are environmentally friendly and cause the least impact to the environment.

The proposed works are included in the project for the protection and enhancement of the Ismarida Lakes complex, which are part of the Program for the delimitation of the National Park of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace in regard to the conservation, protection and management of the wetlands in this area.

The purpose of the intervention works is the enhancement of the natural environment of the wetlands in the study area and the access of the visitors-tourists to the ecosystems of Ismarida lagoons, for observation and exploration.

The proposed interventions include:

• Bicycle roadway with a total length of 1600m and maximum width 2,5m, south from the Karatza lagoon
• Pathway parallel to the bicycle roadway with maximum width of 1,5m
• Two wooden observatories. The first, is located 800m from the beginning of the pathway, midway between the pathway and the lagoon. The second, is located 450m from the first and 350m from the end of the pathway. The total height of each observatory (including its base) does not exceed 3m.

In the current study, the exact location for the construction of the works was identified and the existing condition of the natural and human environment was examined. Additionally, the feasibility of the works was demonstrated and a technical description of the works was performed.

Finally, the environmental impact from the construction and operation of the works was described and the mitigating actions during the construction and operation phases were provided.

The study was submitted to the environmental public authority for environmental licensing contributed to the protection and enhancement of Ismarida Lagoons.