Project Summary

Environmental Protection

Client: Egnatia Highway SA
Year: 1998

The purpose of the study was the environmental impact assessment for obtaining the approved environmental terms for the construction of the vertical highway at Station 50.3 (Florina-Niki) of Egnatia Highway. More specifically, the project include the construction of a new highway 14,6 km long and additional works to the vertical highway, namely, the Florina and Kato Kleines interchanges and the lateral streets.

The construction of the highway connects the Egnatia Highway (Greece) to the highway network of FYROM and the remaining Europe. At the same time, the project facilitates the local transportation of people and goods and enhances the local and national economy.Π.ΠΕΡΙΒ/ΝΤΟΣ

The proposed project connects the Florina interchange with the border station of Niki, ties to the highway section “Xino Nero-Florina” and includes a new route from Florina interchange (at the point of intersection with the Old National Highway Edessa-Florina) to Niki border station.

The project includes all the required works which are necessary for the operation and the environmental integration of the highway. The most important are the construction of the Florina interchange (3km north-east from Florina and the Kato Kleines interchange- 7 km from Florina), the construction of lateral roads for restoring the existing roadway network, the upgrade and exploitation of the existing roadway network (construction of overpass crossings at equal distances along the main artery of the roadway) and construction of nine rectangular culverts.

In the current study, the exact location for the construction of the works was identified and the existing condition of the natural and human environment was examined. Additionally, the feasibility of the works was demonstrated and a technical description of the works was performed.

Finally, the environmental impact from the construction and operation of the works was described and the mitigating actions during the construction and operation phases were provided. Moreover, alternative routes of highway are examined.

The study was submitted to the environmental public authority for the approved environmental terms were obtained. The project enhanced the local and national economy.